Ubuntu Fan Control with GKrellM

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Switching to Ubuntu: Ubuntu Fan Control with GKrellM

Now that the hardware is in order, its right back to userland. It was time for my initial sessions with my shiny new desktop, gnome. The first time gnome and I met on this system, the the main desktop area was refreshingly simple; it was nearly a complete sea of brown. I loved it.

As gnome and I got acquainted, I noticed two things about my computer, the first being the heat. I quickly realized it was getting... HOT! Yikes. I listen and... no fan. So, searching leads me to GKrellM
To install this program search your Package Manager for gkrellm, and check the gkrellm and the gkrellm-i8k packages for installation. After installing, I opened $EDITOR and saved the following to ~/bin/fan:

sudo modprobe i8k force=1
gkrellm &

GKrellM is a great little tool that that lets me view or even control all types of information about my system. I use it to watch the processor load, and control the processor and graphics card fans (I use 'free -m' and 'df -h' for memory and disk usage).

After installing GKrellM I had to do a bit of configuration, but I'll leave that to you.

So, Ubuntu-- for heating up my machine without telling me, but Ubuntu+++++ for GKrellM!


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